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Our Vision

A healthy and sustainable community where residents are empowered and engaged.

Our Mission

Rexdale Community Hub’s mission is to provide an accessible, welcoming space with collaborative, integrated services and programs to enrich every aspect of the community’s life.

Our Values

  1. AccessibilityWe are committed to ensuring that access to appropriate and acceptable services and resources within the Hub is promoted and ensure that inequities in health and well-being are addressed.
  2. AccountabilityWe are accountable to the community for the actions and services of the Hub.  We will ensure program and services reflect identified community needs, integrate community resources and as partners, we will effectively dedicate our collective resources to this end.
  3. Community EngagementWe are committed to provide stakeholders in the community opportunities to participate in decision-making through processes designed to identify, understand, and address community needs on an ongoing basis.
  4. DiversityWe are committed to inclusion and value and respect the differences found in our community. We demonstrate this understanding through sensitivity, culturally competent and inclusive practices and policies that include individuals from diverse groups in our decision making, information sharing, access to services, governance and employment.
  5. Equity We are committed to ensuring that all people reach their full potential and are not disadvantaged from attaining it because of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, social class, socio-economic status, or other socially determined circumstance.
  6. ExcellenceWe strive to provide the best and most appropriate programs and services to the community. We listen carefully to the needs of the community, seek the resources to respond to these needs, and implement programs and services with the highest standards.
  7. Sustainability – We will measure, improve, and be accountable for our environmental, financial, social, health and well-being results.
Outside the Rexdale Community Hub

Our Present Hub Partners

Albion Neighbourhood Services
Delta Family Resource Centre
Rexdale Community Health Centre
Rexdale Community Legal Clinic
Rexdale Employment Services
Rexdale Women’s Centre
Toronto Community Benefits Network

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Our Present Board Members

Abraham Abbey 2014 – Present
Desree Prince 2014 – Present
Fatima Filippi 2013 – Present
Safia Ahmed 2013 – Present
Shermeen Farooqi 2019 – Present
Yodit Edemariam 2019 – Present

Our Present Team Members

Amra Munawar
Harry Persaud
Hassan Bokhari
Kizzy Price
Russell Mitchell
Samson Ayeleso
Shriranga Raje
Thelma Adelekun
Vicki Crystal
Warda Sharmeen

Our Funders

City of Toronto
United Way Greater Toronto


Mural Credits
The Art of Wong Inc.

Some of the Amazing Murals at the Hub